Monday, December 20, 2010

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This is me. The owner of this blog. My real name is Skyler. My surname is Sim. I think you will find my name funny but this is really my name. If you think my name is funny or weird, then please follow me and be my follower. I would be grateful if you would be my follower and post a comment on my blog at least. I know I am like a chatterbox as I write 3 posts in 1 day. When you come, please invite your family and friends to come and be one of my follower too. Ask them to post a comment at least or as many comments as you lke. If yu like, you could ask them to email me some pictures at Or you want, you can visit hoekiki's blog at This 2 options are optional. If you don't want to choose to do any of them, it's still ok. It's fine if you don't choose any of the 2 choices. But if you really want to help me, then please choose one of the choices. Thanks you for the all the time you made to read this Blog. Thank you. I am really grateful for you.Bye!!!
Skyler Sim

My hamster

This is my hamster Cutie Pie.

Whenever I am sad, I would talk to my hamster. His name is Cutie Pie. It seems that he understands what I say to him. He is very fat. Whenever I look at him, I will smile and not feel sad anymore. He is my lucky star. I really love him.


Greetings to everyone, this my blog, and also your blog. In this blog, you can post anything you want to post you can. So, if you have been wanting to post something but you can't do it, then this blog'sm the right choice for you. I hope you like my blog too. If you like my blog, please not only be my follower but also invite people from your family and friends to come and post a comment in my blog. Anybody who comes here and likes my blog please be one of my follower. Thank you. Hope you like my blog!
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Please support me by coming to my blog and posting a few or comments or one comment at least. If you post a comment on my blog, I will thank you. You can post anything on this Lucky's Blog, I hope you will like my Blog!
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My Blog

Name: Skyler
Surname: Sim
Hobbies: Blogging and playing virtual worlds
Country: Singapore
Favourite movie: Inception
Favourite books: Geronimo Stilton
Favorite Singer: Justin Beiber
Favourite Songs: Justin Beiber Songs
Gender: Female
The above is all about me!